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Julia Furrule

Julia Furrule

Realtor® / Broker

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  • (702) 699-9261
  • NV RE License: B.1001050/PM.0163530


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Whether you are looking for quality management, buying, or selling, Julia understands the process can often be challenging and complicated. She focuses on taking the pressure off you, so you can make clear and concise decisions throughout the process. Ultimately, a “successful lease or sale” in our clients’ eyes is Advanced Realty Group’s main goal and Julia utilizes her expertise to make that happen for you.

Julia has taken the traditional role of real estate agents and turned it around, by focusing on creative techniques to market your property and develop negotiating strategies to make your investment a success. She knows that each property is unique, therefore each marketing proposal must be specifically tailored to the property. It’s the reason why you see diamonds in the Advanced Realty Group brand, we treat you like a gem from start to finish.




– What’s Your Favorite TV Show? NCIS and Chicago PD
– What’s Your Favorite Movie of All-Time? Wow, so many goods ones to choose from … can you ask another question? Let’s see, for Drama – Goodfellas, for Comedy – Van Wilder (that Ryan Reynolds!), for Romantic Comedy (a RomCom) – Hitch and I like all of the Marvel movies, just take your pick.
– Any Favorite Hobbies? Sure, reading and listening to music.
– Where is Your Dream Vacation Location? Fiji
– Where You Want to Retire? Anywhere near the ocean.
– Favorite Thing to Do in Las Vegas? Leave! LOL! It is summer and I am melting … but seriously, spending any time with my family and close friends.
– Favorite Hotel in Las Vegas? Anything without a Casino. Not a big gambler but I do like to hang out and people watch. Love the Hard Rock!
– Who is Your Hero? My Aunt Carmen who survived the many challenges life threw at her and always came out on the other side with a smile and great attitude.
– Ah, Who is Your Fave Celebrity? So easy, Lenny Kravitz.
– What Do You Love About Real Estate? There are really no two days that are the same.
– Why Choose Me as Your Agent? By far, the quality of service I offer every person / family!

And, if I can add, I am the proud parent of 3 awesome kids (all now adults, which is hard to believe). I really do enjoy helping others, just cannot stand the spotlight … it shines a little too bright.

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