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Luis Hidalgo

Luis Hidalgo

Administrative Assistant

  • (702) 699-9261
  • (702) 699-9261

    Luis has been with the Advanced family for seven (7) years and began as a leasing agent. With humble beginnings in the multifamily division, Luis made his way to the single-family division and has never looked back. One of the most integral employees at Advanced Realty Group, Luis makes the office function at a high-level with his enthusiasm and knowledge of Real Estate. Luis adamantly states “working and getting to know both sides of this industry (multifamily and single-family) was the smartest thing I have ever done in my opinion.” Luis is very thankful to the individuals who made his journey a reality and trusted him every step of the way.




    – What’s Your Favorite TV Show? Departures
    – What’s Your Favorite Movie of All-Time? Wall-E
    – Any Favorite Hobbies? Hiking, hiking, and hiking. Did I say hiking?
    – Where is Your Dream Vacation Location? Cusco, Perú
    – Where You Want to Retire? Thailand or the Philippines
    – Favorite Thing to Do in Las Vegas? I am all about food and trying out the local hot spots … know of one (or two)?
    – Favorite Hotel in Las Vegas? Cosmopolitan
    – Who is Your Hero? My parents are my heroes.
    – Ah, Who is Your Fave Celebrity? Frida Kahlo

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