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The Battle of Henderson or Summerlin … Who Wins?

With Las Vegas quickly becoming a go-to retirement destination in the United States, the suburban areas surrounding Las Vegas have been growing at a record pace. This article compares living in Henderson vs Summerlin, NV. It’s a heavyweight battle, that’s for sure, as both are very popular. Both locals and those from out-of-state are always asking: Summerlin or Henderson?

Of course, all cities, no matter how large or small, have their charms and their blemishes. So, when the question of Summerlin or Henderson comes up, it’s much more about preference than superiority. Both are considered top-tier places to live.

Let’s dive in!


summerlin vs henderson


Summerlin or Henderson: Comparing Lifestyle

Comparing the lifestyle of Henderson vs Summerlin is fun, since both are considered great places to live.

As a community all its own, Summerlin has an affluent suburban feel. It is well known for boasting over 100 parks, 150 miles of trails, golf courses, restaurants and fine dining, and more.

It even has Downtown Summerlin®, a happening place where shopping and dining converge in a gorgeous, completely walkable downtown setting. In Downtown Summerlin, you’ll find big brand stores as well as smaller boutiques and restaurants that fit every budget from casual to upscale.

The community also hosts a number of activities to encourage people to interact and have fun. The area is considered more on the affluent side, but you can still find affordable housing in great neighborhoods.

Henderson is a bona fide city and suburb, boasting over 50 parks and 180 miles of trails to walk, bike, and run. Like any other city, it has its fair share of entertainment venues, shopping options, and restaurants.

It is also the more established of the two, which is a big factor in many “Henderson or Summerlin” discussions. Henderson has been named one of the “Best Places in America to Live” and earned ranking on lists of “Safest Cities in America.”


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Henderson or Summerlin: Real Estate

When comparing whether to live in Summerlin or Henderson, it’s a good idea to understand the difference in pricing of homes.

According to Zillow, the median home value in Henderson is just under $350,000 (August 2020). In Summerlin, homes tend to cost more, with the median price closer to $400,000.

Both areas offer many great areas to live. In fact, Summerlin is home to 26 villages and includes renown favorites like Red Rock Country Club, The Ridges, and several 55+ communities including the large Sun City Summerlin. The master-planned community also offers single-story homes, condos, townhomes and new construction homes.

Meanwhile, Henderson offers many great neighborhoods and types of housing. There are prestigious guard-gated neighborhoods like MacDonald Highlands, and areas like Anthem, Seven Hills and Green Valley. There are also many options for condos or townhomes and of course, the award-winning 55+ communities.


henderson vs summerlin


Henderson vs. Summerlin: Examining Location

Henderson is the second-largest city in the state and is located just southeast of Vegas proper. It is a fully-established town with plenty of its own attractions, offering residents access to both the Lake Mead Recreational Area and the Hoover Dam.

As for its location in proximity to the Strip, it varies depending on which part of Henderson you live in. Some areas are only 15-20 minutes away, while others are 30-45 minutes from the touristed part of the city.

Summerlin is actually part of the Greater Las Vegas. Rather than a town, it is a master-planned community. Because of this, Summerlin is relatively self-contained and boasts a “brand new” feel that some retirees might prefer.

Getting to the Strip area will typically take you just 10-20 minutes on most days, and scenic Red Rocks Canyon is just a stone’s throw away.


Finding the Right Spot for You: Concluding the Summerlin vs Henderson Debate

Whether you choose to live in Summerlin or Henderson has more to do with what you want out of your retirement than anything else. No doubt, most people could be perfectly happy in either one. They are both extraordinary places to live.

One other important thing to consider is whether you prefer the structure that comes with a planned community or the organic nature of an actual city. With the City of Henderson as the larger of the two, it’s up to you to decide what type of community you wish to reside.

Visit both, check them out, and see which suits you best. Whatever you choose, there are sure to be plenty of opportunities to have the time of your life.


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